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This page is devoted to material outside the pages of the paper-and-ink edition of Tripping. Submissions of new trip tales are welcome. Exceptional stories will be posted on this page, with the narrators' permission and at the sole discretion of Tripping author Charles Hayes, who manages this site. Selections will be made based on novelty, drama, color, and literary eloquence.

Those who wish to send in their narratives are encouraged to observe the basic guidelines for the narratives in the book, which were intended to be personal expositions that carry a discernible plotline. I'm looking for cogent, extraordinary stories that are considerably more fleshed out (insightful, expressive, reflective, and biographically revealing) than your average "trip report." Those who wish to "outdo" the tales in Tripping are welcome to try. Send 'em on! If fortune permits, I may present a collection of new stories for publication in a sequel volume.

To send in your story or to inquire about doing so, contact the author. Click here for information about the treatment of transcripts and about the release agreement between the author and narrative sources for the Tripping project. New material should be sent word processor-ready, as an e-mail attachment or on diskette, preferably as an MS Word file. 

Click below on the previously unpublished psychedelic narrative of your choice. None of the stories on this page appear in the book Tripping.

Names with surnames are actual, except where noted, while most of those with first names only are pseudonymous. 

Brian O'Canada (pen name): Stoke the Impossible

Sal: The Ethereal Bean

Justine: Lovers last night in undulating Umbria

Laura: Someone you had to be afraid of (and other stories)

Marissa: I'm not saying I saw angels

Pamela: The board-game with pieces that moved on their own

Pat: Modulating the master system clock

Stephen: Emanations from the untouched altar cloth

All stories copyright 2000-2004 Charles Hayes, who edited the transcripts, and/or to the narrator, where noted.


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