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Tripping features stories or anecdotes
 by the following authors and notable figures:


the late author, lecturer, and shamanologist Terence McKenna

author, ethnobotanist, and natural products industry consultant Dennis McKenna

Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder and former Grateful Dead lyricist
  John Perry Barlow

author and war photographer Tim Page

Beat poet and Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics teacher Anne Waldman

San Francisco rock scene and unofficial Grateful Dead photographer Herbie Greene

author and Island Foundation president Bruce Eisner

author and Wired staff writer Steve Silberman

author and phenomenologist Paul Devereux

science fiction author Robert Charles Wilson

thriller writer Steven Martin Cohen

writer/translator and literary editor Stephen Kessler

journalist and former Yippie Kate Coleman

author and ethnobotanist Clark Heinrich

author, journalist, and Irish Troubles chronicler Robert Bell

Peyote Foundation president Leonard Mercado

Peyote Way Church of God president Matthew S. Kent

Holotropic Breathwork International president Leonard Gibson

Click on Artwork page for illustration contributors.


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