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Welcome to
 the Website for

Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures
Edited and with an introduction and other texts
 by Charles Hayes

Featuring an extensive interview with the late Terence McKenna
and illustrations by Alex Grey

Now in its Eleventh Printing
with an Updated Resource Section!

Copyright 2000 Penguin Compass and Charles Hayes
November 2000, original ISBN 0140195742, new ISBN 9780140195743, 492 pages, 12 black-and-white illustrations,
paperback original, $22 list price

Created and maintained by the author, psychedelicadventures.com contains adaptations of uncorrected excerpts from pre-publication versions of Tripping, select material not included in the book, as well as news and other information about the project.

psychedelicadventures.com also serves as a forum for response to Tripping, ranging from queries, feedback, and proposals, to the submission of full-fledged psychedelic narratives (like those in the book), which, depending on novelty and literary quality, might be posted on the New Stories page in this site, and, perhaps, gathered together for publication in a sequel volume.

 psychedelicadventures.com 2000-2011 by Charles Hayes. All rights reserved.


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